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Welcome to Award Engravers and Framers

At Award Engravers and Framers we provide a complete engraving and picture framing service. We also have many products that can be personalised with full colour printing.

The nature of our business is unique because we do everything according to each of our client’s custom requirements. We don’t mass produce set sizes and designs. Everything is custom made and designed to order.

We cater for the needs of every individual. As we all know, not everyone has the same needs. Therefore our service is tailored exactly according to the specifications and requirements of every single client.

In the case of engraving and printing, we provide true to life previews. This gives the customer a better idea of what the finished product will look like. It also helps eliminate mistakes due to misunderstanding. Sometimes even the customer might inadvertently spell something wrong! Or they might think of something better after seeing the preview.

Reframed Oil Painting

Engraved Glass Tankard

Engraved Boat Signs

Engraved letterbox Sign

Printed Pet Tags

Personalised Mug

Our Services


We engrave many items including trophies, glassware, giftware, medals, signs, name badges, name tags and much more.
Our state of the art computerised engraving machines use the latest gravostyle software that has many built in fonts and images to choose from.
We provide bulk order discounts and all clubs and schools qualify for a 15% discount on all trophy  engraving.

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Signs & Labels

Engraved Signs and Labels

Name Badges


Picture Framing

Our expertise covers a wide range of picture framing requirements including needlework, artwork, photos, awards, jigsaws etc.
We also have developed a technique to make window picture frames that will hold several photos.
Our extensive range of frames and mat-board colours means that we can cater for every taste. Whether it be a designer, traditional, rustic, or a shabby chic look you want to achieve, we have many colours and styles to match your décor.

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Needlework Framing

Framed Needlepoint
Framed Waterwheel Needlepoint

Artwork Framing

Reframed Oil Painting

Certificate Framing

Framed Certificate
Framed Nursing Certificate

Photo Framing

Framed Horse Photo
Framed Photo of Horse

Window Frames

White Windows Frame with 6 Windows

Dye Sublimation

We can print photos, logos and artwork in full colour with the dye sublimation process on items such as ceramic mugs, glass tankards, pet tags, name badges, trophies etc.
Sublimatable items have a permanent coating that absorbs the ink when the item is ‘baked‘ in our purpose built heat press. These items are sourced from our specialist suppliers.
We have sheets of sublimatable aluminium that can be cut to custom size and put in a picture frame or attached to trophy bases and other items.

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Pet Tags

Ceramic Plates

Hip Flasks

Product Categories

For easy browsing we have grouped our products into specific categories. Our sports trophies and medals are grouped according to product tags. Scroll down further for the links to our sports specific trophies and medals.

Featured Products

Here is a snippet of some of our favourite products that we especially want you to know about! Keep checking regularly as we’ll change them from time to time. We know everyone likes a bit of variety!

Activity and Sports Specific Trophies and Medals

We cater for practically every sport and activity imaginable. All trophy parts on our figurine trophies are interchangeable. They can be mixed and matched to create the trophy of your dreams. Our insert medals and trophies are not limited to the inserts pictured. You can send us your own image or logo and we will create a custom design with your logo on the insert.



Fire Service

Fire Service Picture Insert

Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls Picture Insert


Skateboarder 1 Picture Insert


Tennis Female Picture Insert




Fishing Rod Picture Insert


Flags & Cup Picture Insert


Softball Batter Male Picture Insert

Ten Pin Bowling

Ten Pin Bowling 2 Picture Insert



Cricket Batter Picture Insert


Golf Ball & Club Picture Insert


Music Notes Picture Insert


Soccer Player Male Picture Insert


Victory 3 Picture Insert


Dance Sport


Gymnast Silhouette Picture Insert


Netball 5 Picture Insert


Squash Players Male & Female Picture Insert


Volleyball Male Picture Insert


Basketball & hoop Picture Insert


Darts 5 Picture Insert


Hockey Players-female Picture Insert


Rugby Ball & Posts Picture Insert


Swimmers Female 2 Picture Insert


Windsurfer Male Picture Insert

Bike Sport


Horse Jump Girl Picture Insert


Karate Pair Picture Insert


Shooting 1 Picture Insert

Table Tennis

Table Tennis 2 Picture Insert


Weightlifting 2
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