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Award Engravers And Framers was established in 2006. Over the years we have built up a superb reputation and constantly strive to achieve customer service that is customised exactly to our clients unique needs.
We customise our service based on an understanding of the individual needs of our customers.
We ensure our rates are competitive and affordable without sacrificing on quality.

Custom Engraving


We engrave and supply a wide range of trophies including trophy cups, awards, and general sports and activity trophies. With a wide range of fonts available we can create a trophy with style.

Trophy Engraving Service

Name Badges

 We supply several styles of name badges. Our engraved plastic name badges can be cut to any size and shape required. We can also make name badges with your logo in full colour using the dye sublimation process. Discount applies for bulk orders. 10 – 20 badges: 10% off, 20 – 50 badges: 15% off, 50+ badges: 20% off. 

Engraved Plastic Name Badges

Custom Signs & Labels

We supply engraved signs and labels custom made to our clients exact requirements.
Whether it be a stylish brass sign for a door or memorial plaque, or labels for switchboard manufacturers or simply a no circulars sign, we’ll design to order.

Naturopath Sign 2


We provide a complete medal engraving service  for sports medals, military medals or any other achievement. We use a combination of text on arc and straight line which gives us the ability to  engrave as much text as possible in a limited space. We also supply a wide range of medals and cater to every sport and activity.

Custom Engraving

Medal Engraving


We engrave a wide range of glassware including wine glasses, whiskey glasses, wine bottles etc. We engrave glass using a rotating diamond  tip which gives a very distinctive finish.
You can purchase engraved glasses online from our online store or provide us with your own glasses.

Engraved Glassware


We engrave and supply a wide range of gifts including silver trays, goblets, tankards, hip flasks and much more. We can also engrave graphics and fancy fonts, making your gift extra special and meaningful.

Giftware Engraving
Watch our Engraving Machines in Action!

Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a modern digital printing technology that enables the reproduction of high quality images on common everyday items such as ceramic mugs, plates, name tags and awards.

We create the design in CorelDraw. It is then sent to a printer that is specially designed for sublimation ink. The printer then prints the design onto heat resistant paper. The paper is then taped to the item to be sublimated and placed in a heat press at a temperature ranging from 300 – 400 degrees C depending on the type of item.

For an item to be sublimatable it requires a special invisible polymer coating. The reason for this is because as the ink heats it turns into a gas that melts and blends into the coating to create a permanent image that will not wash off.

Sublimatable products can only be purchased from specialist suppliers. We can source a wide range of sublimatable items and can custom design to order.

Sublimation is normally done on white surfaces as a printer cannot print white ink. When the image is transferred to the item the white areas are ‘open’. For example if the image was printed on a black item the area that should be white would be left black. The same would happen if sublimating onto clear glass. If sublimation is to be done on an item that is not white it is important to take this into consideration.

We have the equipment to create beautiful designs on mugs, beer glasses, ceramic plates, hip flasks and many other items.  We can also create an award with a sublimated aluminium plate with a personalised image & text to commemorate the event.

Custom Picture Framing

Framed Needlepoint

We frame many items such as Needlework, Artwork, Photos, Awards and Jigsaws. With a wide range of frame options from basic everyday styles to fancy designer styles we can cater to any taste.

Our wide range of mat board colours complete the look to match your decor.

We also re-frame existing pictures, giving them a brand new look.  For the DIY person we can provide the frame cut and joined, the glass or the mat-board or mounting board cut to the size required.  With experience in packaging pictures we can also send your items to anywhere in the country.

There are many factors that influence the cost of a job such as frame style, size, materials and time involved so it is impossible for us to give a ‘rough idea’. It is important for us to see the work so we can price the job accurately. So call in and see us for a free quote.

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