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Bespoke Picture Framing

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Bespoke or Custom Picture Framing… What do the terms mean?

For those unfamiliar with the term, bespoke means to make to order according to an individual’s specifications. Therefore, bespoke picture framing is simply custom picture framing, in which case the picture is custom framed exactly to the requirements specified by the customer.

Many people want to preserve their pictures, artwork and other treasures such as needlework. In many cases a frame the right size that will match your décor and do justice to the picture simply cannot be purchased ready-made. Therefore the best option is to have a professional bespoke picture framer custom frame the picture in a style that will do it justice and display it in the best way possible.

Off the shelf picture frames may be okay for basic or everyday pictures. But they do not do justice to valuable photos and artwork.

Award Engravers and Framers are professional bespoke picture framers with long experience in the custom picture framing industry. We pay great attention to detail, making sure that each individual customer’s needs are catered for and tailored especially to their unique requirements.

Professional picture mounting is a must…

Over time a picture that has only been ‘placed’ in a frame and not professionally mounted will wrinkle. However, all is not lost. A professional bespoke picture framer can smooth out those unsightly wrinkles by mounting it permanently.

Needlework also needs to be mounted professionally. If it is just placed in a frame it will not keep its shape even if it has been ironed. Adhesive mounting methods should never be used as it will leach through the fabric over time. We use the reliable and trusted lacing method. This involves stretching the item over an acid free mount board and securing by threading cotton back and forth across the back in a lacing fashion which can be pulled tight to hold the needlework firm and even. If we don’t have enough fabric to work with we will sew on a bit extra which means the picture will not have to be reduced in size. In fact it can be increased in size with the use of matboard to cover where the fabric was joined.

Picture frames and matboard colours can make or break a picture…

That is why bespoke picture framing is the best option. Ready-made frames simply don’t do justice where colours and style are concerned and could well clash with the picture.

Bespoke picture framers like us have an eye for what blends best with the picture and its style or era. We have an extensive range of matboard colours. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get the right match that will blend well. If one colour can’t achieve the right look a double or triple mat can make all the difference.

Like all bespoke picture framers, we carry an extensive range of frame samples to cater for every style and taste. We can achieve a traditional, modern, classic, rustic or designer look depending on the type of picture. We take the time to help the customer to choose a matboard colour and frame style that blends in perfectly with the picture and transforms it into a masterpiece.

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