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We create custom made trophies!

Award Engravers & Framers can create your own unique trophy from our big variety of trophy components. Or if you have some of your own bits and pieces we can assemble it to create a ‘one of a kind’ trophy.


Our figurines can be attached to plastic or wooden trophy columns, plastic or wooden bases or plastic trophy cups. Our extensive range of figurines means we can cater for practically every sport or activity. Pictured below are some of our many figurine options. Our full range can be viewed in our figurines on base category.

Stock Car

Insert Holders

Our insert holders come in several styles and can take either 25mm or 50mm coloured inserts. You can choose one of our standard centres or you can send us your own logo or favourite picture and we’ll design to order.
They can be used instead of a figurine or can be teamed with a figurine on one of our bases that take have 2 or 3 holes for figurines and trophy columns.
Our insert holders are the perfect solution when you can’t find the right figurine.

25mm/50mm Gold Insert Holder
25mm/50mm Silver Insert Holder
50mm Victory Leaf Holder
25mm Winged Wreath Holder
25mm Wreath Column Holder
50mm Rosette & Wreath Holder

Trophy Columns

We have plastic trophy columns available in red, green and blue all with gold trim. We buy them in metre long lengths and cut them to the size specified by our customer. They are topped with a gold cap which the figurine sits on top of. They can also have a gold cap at the base with a riser between the base and column for added height.
We also have MDF wood trophy columns with colour options in red marble, green marble, blue marble black marble and woodgrain. There is also the option of a plastic cap for our MDF wood trophy columns.

Gold Edge MDF Wood Column
Wave Pattern MDF Wood Column
Plastic Tube Column

Trophy Bases

We have a variety of trophy bases to match each trophy type and style. Our range includes square trophy bases, round trophy bases, and slanted trophy bases. We also have trophy bases with 2 or 3 holes so that you can have a trophy column with figurine on top and smaller figurine alongside the column. This could be something like a horseshoe or rugby ball figurine trim or an insert holder trim depending on the style.

Weighted plastic bases
Plastic trophy bases
Coloured MDF wood bases
Block and stack MDF wood bases
Gold Plinth Base
Walnut Gloss Bases

Trophy Trims & Embellishments

We have a variety of trophy trims that can be attached to the front of wooden trophy columns for added style. These include ribbons, stars and leaf shape embellishments.

Star trim
Oak leaves trim
Gold leaf trim
Ribbon trim
Diamond bar trim
Torch trim

Insert Holder Trims

Our insert holder trims are available in 25mm and 50mm insert sizes. They can be attached to the front of wooden trophy columns or our diamond trophies. You can choose one of our standard centres or send us your logo or favourite picture and we’ll create your own custom design.

50mm Gold leaf Insert Trim
25mm Ribbon Wreath Insert Trim
50mm Black & Gold Insert Trim
50mm Gold Stars Insert Trim

Trophy Risers

Trophy risers are used to add height to the trophy and are usually mounted between the trophy base and column.

Insert holder riser
Bell riser
Gold twist riser
Globe riser


Our flamebacks act as a backdrop on a trophy to set off the figurine. They can be attached to a trophy base or column. We have four different colour options for you to choose from.

Sparkling Red Flameback
Sparkling Green Flameback
Sparkling Gold Flameback
Sparkling Blue Flameback

Assembled trophies

Take a look at our assembled figurine trophies to get some ideas. All the parts can be mixed around to achieve the desired result.
We are not going to list our trophy components as products that you can add to your cart. Not all trophy component combinations will work. For example a large figurine will not look right with a flameback or on a short column and a small figurine will not look right on top of a large column or base.
Please send us details of what you would like and we will send  a photo of the assembled trophy to make sure it is what you expect it to be. If it is not a suitable combination we will suggest other alternatives.

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