Custom Picture Framing Service

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Award Engravers and Framers provide custom picture framing for needlework, artwork, photos, awards and much more. Our extensive range of frame options from basic everyday styles to fancy designer styles can cater for every taste.

For the DIY person we can provide the frame cut and joined, the glass or the mat-board or mounting board cut to the size required.  With experience in packaging pictures we can also send your items to anywhere in the country.

There are many factors that influence the cost of picture framing such as frame style, size, materials and time involved so it is impossible for us to give a ‘rough idea’. In fact the word ‘rough idea’ is a word many picture framers have learned to dread as a result of being misinformed which results in a very inaccurate quote. Therefore, it is important for us to see the work so we can price the job accurately. So call in and see us for a free quote.

Photo Framing

Framed Photo
Framed Photo of Horse

We can either professionally mount your photos permanently or provide a custom size frame ready for you to put your own photos in. Our ready made frames have turn buttons on the back so you can easily change photos whenever you wish.

Artwork Framing

Appleby Old House Painting By Cindy Hutton
Appleby Old House Painting By Cindy Hutton

We have experience in framing a wide range of artwork including pastels, oils and simple kids paintings. Canvas paintings stretched over a bar look especially good inside a frame.

Re-Framing Pictures

Framed Oil Painting
Reframed Oil Painting

Rejuvenating old pictures with new frames and coloured matboards is something we specialise in.
It is very rewarding to see an old picture transformed into a work of art with a ‘new look’.

Needlework Framing

Framed Needlepoint e1517870645223
Framed Cross stitch

We don’t take shortcuts here. Cowboys use adhesives that can leach through over time. We use the tried and trusted lacing method for mounting needlework for a professional result that will stand the test of time.

Certificate Framing

Framed Certificate
Framed Nursing Certificate

We can preserve that important proof of your achievements forever in a custom made frame. The right picture frame and coloured mat creates a professional look to display your certificates with style.

Jigsaw Framing

Jigsaw Framing
Framed Jigsaw

Yes we can even frame jigsaws! Some of our customers bring them to us completed, but we enjoy doing jigsaws ourselves if you don’t have time! They can be shipped to us broken down into pieces of A4 size and packaged flat ready for us to put together and mount.

Window Picture Frames

This is a unique type of custom framing we have developed.
A thin frame is made for each picture individually and all joined together inside a large outer frame.
The thin frame we use comes in 15 colours to tone in with any larger frame.
The back of each individual interior frame has turn buttons to enable you to change photos easily. We can mount your pictures permanently in these frames if you prefer.

6 x 4 6 windows frame
White Windows Frame with 6 Windows
Windows Picture Frame - Charcoal
Charcoal Windows Frame with 4 Windows

Wide range of picture frame styles

Our range of picture frames cover the needs of all types of picture framing. Whether it be fancy designer styles or traditional or basic designs, we have something to give the perfect finishing touch. We have many frame samples in store to choose from. To see the full range of mouldings we can get from our suppliers click on the links below.

avon mouldings range
crawford  mouldings range

Picture Frame Moulding Samples
Picture Frame Samples

Extensive range of matboard colours

Our wide range of matboard colours complete the look to match your decor. We have many colour samples instore for you to view. For the full colour range click on the links below.

crescent matboard specifier
peterboro matboard specifier

Picture Framing Matboard Samples
Matboard Samples