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Custom Product Designer Feature

Custom Product Designer Feature

Have you tried the custom product designer feature on our website?

The custom product designer enables you to get a real life preview of how your design will look on your item.
First you start with the blank product template then you upload your own images and enter your text etc. You can select your text style, change text colour and letter height and much more…

Custom product designer ensures the design will look right

It’s not always easy to visualise what a design will look like on the finished item. Some pictures just don’t work right with the product concerned and result in disappointment. Custom product designer lets you change for a different image if you decide something else would look better.

Unlimited font options

There are many font options to choose from ranging from classic, script and fun type font styles. You can make the text bold or italic and change the letter height. There are many font colour choices and you can even add a different text outline colour and change the outline width.

Unlimited layers

Images and text are added in ‘layers’. You can rearrange layer order using the send to back or bring to front icons. You can move around each layer to get them positioned exactly where you want them.

Add shapes to enhance your design

There is a variety of shapes that you can add to your design. You can change the shape and outline colours to blend in with your design. You can also resize the shapes by dragging on the corners.

Photo editing effects

Custom product designer even has built in photo editing options such as grayscale, sharpen, sepia, blur and emboss.

You can even use custom product designer for your own items

Custom product designer only works with items that are set up with a blank product template. Not all products lend themselves well to doing this. But you can get some idea by using the blank product template for our coasters. All you need to do is upload a picture of your own item and add text and images.

 Save your designs

If you are logged in you can save your designs to come back to later. This is useful if you get interrupted at an important stage of the design. You can also save them to use on other items and future orders.

Download designs

You can download your designs to save and share with friends and colleagues. This is particularly useful if you are just using the feature to get an idea of what your design will look like on your own items. You do not have to be logged in to use this feature.

Get creative now and discover custom product designer and all its exciting features.

Design your own name badges
All our printed name badges have been set up with the custom product designer feature. Upload your company logo and add the text.

Design a coffee mug
A custom designed coffee mug makes a great promotional or personalised gift. Add your favourite photos and text.

Design a keyring
Our personalised photo keyrings come in four different styles and make a nice gift for your loved ones. They are also a stylish promotional tool with your company logo

Design a ceramic plate
Our white ceramic plates with a gold rim come with a stand for display on a mantelpiece or shelf. Create a unique gift with family photos and personalised text..

Create a crystal photo display
All our crystal photo displays are set up with the custom product designer feature. Each item has a link that will take you to the custom designer for the product concerned. The crystal photo displays also are ideal as a corporate or sports award with your logo.

Use our drink coaster template to design your own item. For example you could upload a picture of an insert medal and add your own coloured insert.

Over time we will be adding more templates including insert medal templates. We’ll possibly be adding clipart as well. So watch this space!


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