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Dye sublimation is a modern digital printing technology that enables the reproduction of high quality images on common everyday items such as ceramic mugs, plates, name tags and awards.
We create the design in CorelDraw. It is then sent to a printer that is specially designed for sublimation ink. The printer then prints the design onto heat resistant paper. The paper is then taped to the item to be sublimated and placed in a heat press at a temperature ranging from 300 – 400 degrees C depending on the type of item.
For an item to be sublimatable it requires a special invisible polymer coating. The reason for this is because as the ink heats it turns into a gas that melts and blends into the coating to create a permanent image that will not wash off.
Sublimatable products can only be purchased from specialist suppliers. We can source a wide range of sublimatable items and can custom design to order.
Sublimation is normally done on white surfaces as a printer cannot print white ink. When the image is transferred to the item the white areas are ‘open’. For example if the image was printed on a black item the area that should be white would be left black. The same would happen if sublimating onto clear glass. If sublimation is to be done on an item that is not white it is important to take this into consideration.
We have the equipment to create beautiful designs on mugs, beer glasses, ceramic plates, hip flasks and many other items.  We can also create an award with a sublimated aluminium plate with a personalised image & text to commemorate the event.

Below are some of our unique gift items that are personalised with the dye sublimation process

Sublimation Font Options

Here are some of the many fonts available in our CorelDraw software. Our software enables us to create a life like preview to email to you before we proceed. Therefore we can make sure we get everything right and you can rest assured that what you see is what you will get.

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