Ordering Trophies Online

How to order your trophies online

We have put together these instructions to guide you through the process of ordering your trophies online. We are well aware that some people may find it a bit daunting using the online ordering process. If you prefer not to order online, give us a call and tell us your requirements and we’ll do it for you!

Many of our trophies are available in a variety of sizes. Select your size from the size options drop down box.

Many of our trophies  are available in different colours. Select your colour from the colour options drop down box.

Style or Design
Some of our wooden trophies have a wave pattern or bevel gold trim option. Select your style from the style or design drop down box.

Some of our trophies have a decorative trim option. Select your trim from the trim options drop down box.

Our wooden trophies have a wide range of  figurine options to choose from. Figurines come free with new trophies. Select your figurine from the figurine options drop down box.

Insert Holder
Some of our trophies have an insert holder with coloured or engraved centre in addition to the figurine. Or you can choose an insert holder with coloured or engraved centre instead of the figurine. Insert holders come free with new trophies.Select your insert holder from the insert holder options drop down box.

Standard Centre Inserts
We have an extensive range of coloured centre insert options to choose from. You can view our insert options by clicking on the link Click to view our full range of centre inserts  Enter the name of your choice of centre insert in the standard centre insert box.

Custom Centre Insert
This option enables you to have a full colour custom designed metal insert with your favourite image or logo. Upload your own logo or artwork from your computer. Accepted formats are Jpeg, Bitmap, Png and Pdf.

Engraving Text (front) Inscription
An inscription is the name of your trophy, for example what it is being awarded for. This is where you enter the text you want on the front of your trophy. Enter your engraving text in the text box. In the case of trophy cups the engraving cost varies depending on the size of the cup. Select your cup size from the engraving (front) inscription drop down box, then enter your engraving text in the text box.

Engraving (back) Winners Names & Dates
The names and dates of the winners are engraved on the back of the trophy. The price varies depending on the amount of names. Please select the option that applies to your requirements from the drop down box.

Names & Dates Engraving Text
This is where you enter the names & dates of the winners. Enter your engraving text in the text box.