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Picture Framing Pricing

Picture Framing Pricing

Why being asked to give a ‘rough idea’ can be a custom picture framer’s pet hate…

There are many factors that influence the cost of custom picture framing. Every job has different requirements. It is impossible to quote accurately by taking a stab in the dark. The result can be disastrous with under-pricing at the expense of the picture framer or over-pricing at the expense of the customer.

Most picture framers like ourselves know that customers asking for a ‘rough idea’ are generally shopping around to get the cheapest price possible. We regard them as time wasters and will likely name an exorbitant price rather than take the time to do an accurate quote.
Everyone likes to save money where they can. But to expect a picture framer to do the work for peanuts is an insult to their skill and professional workmanship.

The frame size and style plays a big factor where the price is concerned…

All frame prices are calculated based on their united mm size (height + width) and the chop price. The chop price varies greatly depending on the style of the frame.

Glass also plays a big factor…

The glass price is calculated per square centimetre. Most of our customers prefer non-reflective glass which is slightly more expensive than clear glass. But in some cases clear glass can be the more preferable option.

The matboard can affect the frame and glass cost…

Most pictures look best with a matboard surround to set them off. Generally it will make the picture bigger which in turn will increase the cost of the frame and the glass.

Mounting methods also influence the price…

Most picture mounting is straightforward. But in the case of framing needlework, medals or other memorabilia it will take more time and patience. And time costs money!

Reframing pictures – the unknown factors…

While reframing a picture can be very rewarding and inspirational, there are a lot of ‘unknowns’. Not until we take the picture out of the frame do we really know what we are up against. In the case of very old pictures they have often been secured by nails which can be very difficult to pull out. It can sometimes be quite shocking to see what has gone on behind the scenes. Sometimes needlework has been mounted with staples that have gone rusty. The needlework will need to be carefully removed and remounted with professional lacing.

Packaging pictures – a time consuming task…

While most of our customers are local, we sometimes frame pictures for out of town customers. Care needs to be taken to ensure that the pictures will arrive safely at their destination. The pictures are wrapped in bubble wrap then in several layers of corrugated cardboard. Firm board and corner protectors are used for reinforcement. Although this all takes time it is very important and worthwhile. No picture has arrived damaged or broken.

To sum it all up…

There is much more to custom picture framing than would meet the eye. It’s not just a matter of banging the frame together and sticking the picture in. People who just buy a frame off the shelf and stick their picture in may think it’s easy. But over time it can start to show that it hasn’t been framed professionally. There are no shortcuts in the case of custom picture framing.

Picture framing get a quote forms…

At last we have a solution to the frustrations of being asked to give a rough idea.
Click here to fill in our picture framing get a quote form. We have taken into account every detail we need to have in order to give you an accurate quote. It even has links to our picture moulding and matboard samples. You can choose a frame and/or matboard  from those links and enter the codes in the form. We’ll thank you for making it so easy by rewarding you with a 15% discount!

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