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Lacing Needlework for Framing

Lacing Needlework for Framing

Why lacing needlework for framing is the best method.

We have always used the lacing method for needlework framing and always will. That is, unless some much improved and reliable method is invented. Although it is time consuming it brings the best results. The advantage of it is that the work can be easily straightened, and even moved slightly to get it even all the way around. Some needlework or tapestries can be quite distorted when they come to us for framing. This can be caused by the stitcher having an uneven tension. It doesn’t actually spoil the look of the needlework. It just takes extra time to straighten out but the finished result is very rewarding. By using the lacing method, we can stretch it this way and that until you wouldn’t know it for the distorted piece it was.

Staples can cause damage to your needlework

Staples are thicker than needles and will damage finer fabrics. They can pierce the thread and cause it to run like a ladder if it is fine cotton. Needles go through the fabric leaving little damage.  While thicker fabrics like those used for tapestries could withstand the stapling method, it is not a method we would use. Staples can also rust over time. We have reframed some pictures that have been stapled. If the staples have left rust marks, the only solution is to hide them with an extra matboard border or make the picture smaller. The extra matboard really enhances and transforms the picture. However, making the picture smaller would make it look rather inferior.

Adhesive mounting – a method that no professional picture framer should ever use.

We’ve seen a few DIY framed needlework that have been glued. Over time that glue can leach through the needlework leaving unsightly markings that will be there to stay. We call this kind of method ‘cowboy framing’. In other words, it is done with little pride and skill and a couldn’t care less approach.

Leaching due to adhesive mounting can be prevented if attended to soon enough…

If needlework that has been glued or mounted with adhesives is brought to us soon enough, it can be reframed using the lacing method used by professional framers. However, this is not possible if very strong glue has been used. The needlework is likely to become damaged when being removed. We can try to soften the glue by warming with a hairdryer. But it might damage the needlework. It would be done at the owners own risk. In fact it would be best left for the owner of the needlework to try this method.

In conclusion… taking shortcuts in mounting needlework for framing will never work.

While it may not be evident at first that adhesives or staples have been used, it will be discovered later. Unfortunately when discovered it might be too late. Leaching or damage from adhesives might have already left their mark.  Any picture framer that takes a pride in their work will not cheat or take shortcuts.  

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New! Price Quote Forms

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Introducing our price quote forms…

Our price quote forms or ‘get a quote’ forms are the complete answer to the trials of taking details over the phone.
We have created forms specially designed for picture framing, engraving and custom trophy requirements.
The needs of our picture framing and engraving customers are quite different. Therefore we have created individual forms for each type of requirement.
We’ve taken into account everything that our customers are likely to need so we have full details and can give an accurate quote.

Our get a quote forms overcome language barriers…

Today there are many different cultures and sometimes it is hard to understand what our customers are saying and vice versa. Although we may not have a hearing problem, sometimes things don’t come across clearly.
Not only does this lead to getting details wrong, but it is highly stressful for both our customers and ourselves.

Every detail is accounted for…

We can also miss some critical detail and will need to phone our customers back for more information. Even worse, that critical information we missed could be their contact details! Taking details under stressful situations such as language barriers and distractions leads to such errors. We get too involved trying to focus on our customer’s needs and forget to take their details.

So we have finally come up with this wonderful solution to these difficulties…

You can enter all your details from the comfort of your armchair. We can then sit down and quote accurately without any stressful distractions. Then we will double check every detail to make sure we get everything right. We will then email the itemised quote to you to go over and make your decision when it is convenient. We won’t annoy you with a phone call unless that is what you request. Most of us know the frustration of trying to find a pen to write it down while talking on the phone.

We still love to talk to our customers…

Don’t get us wrong. It’s not that we don’t like to talk to our customers. But it is much easier to relax and give friendly personal service once these important details are all accounted for by filling in our price quote forms.

Click here for our engraving get a quote form

Click here for our picture framing get a quote form

Click here for our custom built trophies get a quote form

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Picture Framing Pricing

Get a quote forms

Why being asked to give a ‘rough idea’ can be a custom picture framer’s pet hate…

There are many factors that influence the cost of custom picture framing. Every job has different requirements. It is impossible to quote accurately by taking a stab in the dark. The result can be disastrous with under-pricing at the expense of the picture framer or over-pricing at the expense of the customer.

Most picture framers like ourselves know that customers asking for a ‘rough idea’ are generally shopping around to get the cheapest price possible. We regard them as time wasters and will likely name an exorbitant price rather than take the time to do an accurate quote.
Everyone likes to save money where they can. But to expect a picture framer to do the work for peanuts is an insult to their skill and professional workmanship.

The frame size and style plays a big factor where the price is concerned…

All frame prices are calculated based on their united mm size (height + width) and the chop price. The chop price varies greatly depending on the style of the frame.

Glass also plays a big factor…

The glass price is calculated per square centimetre. Most of our customers prefer non-reflective glass which is slightly more expensive than clear glass. But in some cases clear glass can be the more preferable option.

The matboard can affect the frame and glass cost…

Most pictures look best with a matboard surround to set them off. Generally it will make the picture bigger which in turn will increase the cost of the frame and the glass.

Mounting methods also influence the price…

Most picture mounting is straightforward. But in the case of framing needlework, medals or other memorabilia it will take more time and patience. And time costs money!

Reframing pictures – the unknown factors…

While reframing a picture can be very rewarding and inspirational, there are a lot of ‘unknowns’. Not until we take the picture out of the frame do we really know what we are up against. In the case of very old pictures they have often been secured by nails which can be very difficult to pull out. It can sometimes be quite shocking to see what has gone on behind the scenes. Sometimes needlework has been mounted with staples that have gone rusty. The needlework will need to be carefully removed and remounted with professional lacing.

Packaging pictures – a time consuming task…

While most of our customers are local, we sometimes frame pictures for out of town customers. Care needs to be taken to ensure that the pictures will arrive safely at their destination. The pictures are wrapped in bubble wrap then in several layers of corrugated cardboard. Firm board and corner protectors are used for reinforcement. Although this all takes time it is very important and worthwhile. No picture has arrived damaged or broken.

To sum it all up…

There is much more to custom picture framing than would meet the eye. It’s not just a matter of banging the frame together and sticking the picture in. People who just buy a frame off the shelf and stick their picture in may think it’s easy. But over time it can start to show that it hasn’t been framed professionally. There are no shortcuts in the case of custom picture framing.

Picture framing get a quote forms…

At last we have a solution to the frustrations of being asked to give a rough idea.
Click here to fill in our picture framing get a quote form. We have taken into account every detail we need to have in order to give you an accurate quote. It even has links to our picture moulding and matboard samples. You can choose a frame and/or matboard  from those links and enter the codes in the form. We’ll thank you for making it so easy by rewarding you with a 15% discount!

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Bespoke Picture Framing

Bespoke Picture Framing, Bespoke Picture Framers, Custom Picture framing, Custom Picture Framers

Bespoke or Custom Picture Framing… What do the terms mean?

For those unfamiliar with the term, bespoke means to make to order according to an individual’s specifications. Therefore, bespoke picture framing is simply custom picture framing, in which case the picture is custom framed exactly to the requirements specified by the customer.

Many people want to preserve their pictures, artwork and other treasures such as needlework. In many cases a frame the right size that will match your décor and do justice to the picture simply cannot be purchased ready-made. Therefore the best option is to have a professional bespoke picture framer custom frame the picture in a style that will do it justice and display it in the best way possible.

Off the shelf picture frames may be okay for basic or everyday pictures. But they do not do justice to valuable photos and artwork.

Award Engravers and Framers are professional bespoke picture framers with long experience in the custom picture framing industry. We pay great attention to detail, making sure that each individual customer’s needs are catered for and tailored especially to their unique requirements.

Professional picture mounting is a must…

Over time a picture that has only been ‘placed’ in a frame and not professionally mounted will wrinkle. However, all is not lost. A professional bespoke picture framer can smooth out those unsightly wrinkles by mounting it permanently.

Needlework also needs to be mounted professionally. If it is just placed in a frame it will not keep its shape even if it has been ironed. Adhesive mounting methods should never be used as it will leach through the fabric over time. We use the reliable and trusted lacing method. This involves stretching the item over an acid free mount board and securing by threading cotton back and forth across the back in a lacing fashion which can be pulled tight to hold the needlework firm and even. If we don’t have enough fabric to work with we will sew on a bit extra which means the picture will not have to be reduced in size. In fact it can be increased in size with the use of matboard to cover where the fabric was joined.

Picture frames and matboard colours can make or break a picture…

That is why bespoke picture framing is the best option. Ready-made frames simply don’t do justice where colours and style are concerned and could well clash with the picture.

Bespoke picture framers like us have an eye for what blends best with the picture and its style or era. We have an extensive range of matboard colours. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get the right match that will blend well. If one colour can’t achieve the right look a double or triple mat can make all the difference.

Like all bespoke picture framers, we carry an extensive range of frame samples to cater for every style and taste. We can achieve a traditional, modern, classic, rustic or designer look depending on the type of picture. We take the time to help the customer to choose a matboard colour and frame style that blends in perfectly with the picture and transforms it into a masterpiece.