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Saxton Velodrome

Saxton Velodrome

The Saxton Velodrome is to hold a Grand Opening on Tuesday 13th February 2018…

The long awaited Saxton Velodrome located at Saxton Field, Stoke is nearing the completion of a multi million dollar project that began in 2015.

The brand new facility for the Nelson region replaces the existing cycle track at Trafalgar Park.

The official opening is to take place on 13th February for invited guests. A public opening is scheduled to take place later in February. The pubic opening will see schools and all the community involved.

In order to cater for all skill levels, the velodrome is designed with a 333 metre long embanked track and a 7 metre wide sealed surface and slanted track with a banking range of 7 degrees to 21.3 degrees.

The Saxton velodrome will be a public asset that will enable people to ride it according to their ability. It has an inner flat track with a learn to ride area that simulates conditions on public roads. An underpass goes under the main track.

It is expected that the cycling clubs in the Nelson region will book the velodrome for organised events. In order to keep disruption to a minimum they will likely provide controlled access to the public during these events.

The Saxton Velodrome organisation team are considering selling sponsorship around the track for companies to advertise on the panels surrounding the track. There is about 190 spaces for advertising on the panels. The sponsorship fees will help to provide funding to maintain the facility.

The project has already been generously funded by the Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council, Saxton Velodrome Trust, Rata Foundation, The Lion Foundation, Mainland Foundation, and the NZ Community Trust.

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