About Award Engravers and Framers

Read all about Award Engravers and Framers and why we do what we do.

About Award Engravers and Frmaers

Our Mission

Our mission catchphrase sums up what influences everything we do and how and why we do it:-  “Working with you to provide custom engraving and picture framing, designed for your unique needs.”

This means we work alongside our clients to discuss and advise what will work best in their situation. Whether it is picture framing, engraving or dye sublimation, they all require the input of both ourselves and the customer.

We help with suggestions and ideas from our years of experience. But in the end it is the customer who makes the final decision.

How We Began

We started out as picture framers…

Award Engravers And Framers was established in 2006 firstly as a picture framing business trading as Lifestyle Picture Framers. We saw a need for providing a custom picture framing service that would cater exactly to the unique needs of every individual. There are so many pictures that need more than just a basic ready made frame to do them justice.

We branched out into engraving…

In 2008 we added an engraving service to our business. As a result our business trading name was updated to Lifestyle Picture Framers & Engravers. We began with just a couple of basic manual pantograph machines. However, these machines were rather limiting in what they could do. We could engrave on most surfaces but the slow pace just didn’t make it practical. They were really only suitable for trophy engraving. Our main customers were sports clubs and schools that needed trophies engraved annually.

We expanded our engraving capacity…

We wanted to provide an engraving service that could cater for the unique needs of every type of customer. So, in 2011 we purchased 2 computerised engraving machines. One machine has a cylinder attachment. This enables us to do cylindrical items like glasses and trophy cups. The other machine is a flatbed machine. We use this machine for engraving items such as signs, labels and name badges. This machine is also capable of engraving a matrix which means it can engrave multiple items in big volumes.

Now we could engrave at a much faster pace and bigger volumes. Our computerised machines also had the added advantage of being able to engrave on glass. In addition to these advantages, the engraving software has an extensive range of fonts and graphic design options. We can now engrave exciting designs with pictures and logos and fancy fonts.

Our business continued to evolve…

In 2015 we decided to add dye sublimation to our services. Most engraving businesses also do dye sublimation. Many of our customers were now starting to expect the same from us. So we purchased the equipment that would enable us to create stunning designs in full colour. This provided endless opportunities by being able to print logos and photos on mugs, name badges, name tags and many other items.

As our business evolved, we decided we wanted the focus to be more on the engraving side of our business. We would still continue to do custom picture framing. But from a marketing point of view we needed to change slightly. We also wanted a name that wasn’t so long to say and write. Therefore, in 2015 we upgraded our brand and changed our business name to Award Engravers & Framers.

What We Are Today

Over the years we have built up a superb reputation and constantly strive to achieve customer service that is tailored exactly to our clients unique needs.

Our service is customised based on an understanding of the individual needs of our customers. We keep in close communication with our customers every step of the way. This ensures every tiny detail is taken account of.

Our services are constantly evolving with new ideas and techniques. If a customer wants something which we haven’t done before we are keen to try it. Our customers give us the inspiration to branch out with new services and products. Their ideas create new opportunities.

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