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Engraving Service

Our engraving service covers a wide range of items so that we can meet the needs of every type of requirement. Whether it be trophies, gifts, name tags, medals or any other engravable item, we cater for the unique needs of each individual.
We use state of the art computerised engraving machines which provide us with the capacity to engrave in big volumes. This feature gives us the ability to have fast turnaround times. We use the latest gravostyle software that has many font styles and graphics. Our software enables us to create unique custom designs using your own logos and graphics.

Trophy Engraving

Trophy Engraving Service
Trophy Engraving

Our trophy engraving service caters to the engraving requirements of all trophies including trophy cups, awards, and general sports and activity trophies.

Sports clubs and schools are our most valued customers when it comes to trophy engraving. As a result they receive special VIP discounts.

We supply a unique range of trophies and awards you can purchase through our online store. These include trophy cups, plaques and shields, and sports and activity specific trophies.

Name Badges

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Engraved Plastic Name Badge

We supply several styles of name badges. Our engraved plastic name badges can be cut to any size and shape required. We can also make name badges with your logo in full colour using the dye sublimation process.

The following discounts apply for bulk orders:
10 – 20 badges: 10% off, 20 – 50 badges: 15% off, 50+ badges: 20% off. 

Discount prices are calculated after you add your items to your cart.

Read our blog about why name badges are so important

Name Tags

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Pet Tag Engraving

Ensure your peace of mind with an engraved name tag for your pet. Our durable name tags come in a variety of shapes and colours to add bling to your pets collar. Our dog tag shaped name tags are also great for easy identification of your luggage.

Medal Engraving

Medal Engraving
Engraved Medal

We provide a complete medal engraving service  for sports medals, military medals or any other achievement.

With our clever software we can use a combination of text on arc and straight line text.  This enables us to fit as much text as possible in a limited space.

You can also purchase  medals from our online store. We have a huge range to cater for every sport and activity imaginable. Our insert medals are perfect for unique needs. For example, you may want a medal for a specialised sport which isn’t available as a standard activity medal. We can design inserts engraved with your logo or artwork.

Glass Engraving

Engraved Glassware
Engraving a Glass

We engrave many types of glassware including wine glasses, whiskey glasses, wine bottles etc. 

Our engraving machines engrave glass with a rotating diamond tip which gives a very distinctive finish.

You can purchase engraved glasses online from our online store or provide us with your own glasses.

Engraved Gifts

Giftware Engraving
Engraving a Silver Tray

We engrave a wide range of gift items including silver trays, goblets, tankards, hip flasks and much more. We can also design graphics and fancy fonts, making your gift extra special and meaningful. Our online store has a unique range of personalised gifts to create meaningful memories.

Engraved Images

Our software also provides us with the ability to create custom logos and images. However, there are limitations to what type of image we can use. An image is converted to an engravable format by ‘vectorising’. Therefore, the image must have sharp clear outlines and be high quality for best results. An additional setup fee applies for custom logos and images.

We have a range of images that are built into our engraving software. Unlike image files of logos provided by our customers, these require no time consuming vectorisation. Therefore we can add these to your design at no additional layout fee.

Here are some of the many images available in our gravostyle software. This clever software enables us to do many tricks such as duplicate, rotate, flip vertical and flip horizontal. These tricks are very useful in the case where there are several images such as corner decorations.

Engraved images

Engraving Fonts

Our software has a huge range of built in fonts. Some big and bold for large text on bigger items. And some dainty 1 line fonts for small items such as baby brooches and pet tags.

There is no one size fits all in the case of fonts. If you have a large item and you choose a single or double line font it won’t show up very well. On the other hand, a bold 6 or 8 line font would be unreadable on a very small item that requires small dainty font.

To ensure you get the best results, we will send you a preview of your design in a selection of font style options most suited for the item.

Engraving Fonts

Our software enables us to create a life like preview to email to you before we proceed. Therefore we can make sure we get everything right and you can rest assured that what you see is what you will get.