How to Order Trophies

How to Order Trophies

Read our guide about how to Order Trophies on our website and what the different options mean.

Select Style

Many trophies have different style options such as male or female figurines. Or in the case of insert trophies, different picture options. Select the style you prefer. The image will change to the style you select.

Select Size

Quite a few of our trophies are available in a range of sizes. Select your preferred size. In many cases the height of the trophy will show when you select the size.

Enter Details

This is where you enter the details of your requirements such as engraving text and other information.

Trophy Plate Inscription

The inscription is the title of what the trophy is for. There is the option to select ‘Inscription’ or No inscription’. This is a required field to avoid confusion and the need to contact our clients to find out if engraving is required.

Engraved Inscription (Trophy Cups)

This option applies to trophy cups. Because of the complex nature of engraving a trophy cup rather than just a trophy plate, the price is higher. The engraving price depends on the size of the cup. To make this simpler we have added an inscription or no inscription option. First select the cup size. Then select the ‘Inscription’ or ‘No Inscription’ option. The trophy cup and the engraving price are both included when you select the inscription option. When you select ‘No inscription’ you are only paying for the trophy cup with no engraving.

Logo/Artwork file

Use this option if you have artwork or a logo that you would like engraved or printed on your item. Please note that we can only engrave high quality vector images with clear outlines.

Custom Centre Insert

This option only applies to our insert trophies and medals. If you would like your own insert design instead of our standard insert picture options, upload the file of your design.