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Engraved Garden Plant Markers

Garden Plant Markers

Garden plant markers are a must have for keeping track of your plants. Our engraved garden plant markers are made of durable UV resistant plastic and will stand the test of all weathers. They won’t crack like those cheap plastic markers and the names will stay there forever. It is very frustrating to discover that the vivid marker you used has worn away and all you have left is a blank stick. Garden Plant markers for vegetable gardens. Many gardeners know the frustration of trying to remember which rows they planted where. However, once those seeds are planted no gardener…

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas, Mother's Day Gifts, Personalised Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Spoil them on Sunday 13th May 2018 with our unique mother's day gift ideas. With Mother’s day just around the corner it is time to start thinking about mother's day gift ideas. Mother's Day is all about showing our appreciation for those special women in our lives that help shape our futures. Whether it be your own mother, step mother, mother-in-law, grandmother or someone you regard as your ’extra mum', they all deserve special recognition. Show her how much she means to you with a personalised gift. Our personalised mother’s day gifts are the perfect way to express your appreciation…

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Custom Product Designer

Custom Product Designer Feature

Have you tried the custom product designer feature on our website? The custom product designer enables you to get a real life preview of how your design will look on your item. First you start with the blank product template then you upload your own images and enter your text etc. You can select your text style, change text colour and letter height and much more… Custom product designer ensures the design will look right It’s not always easy to visualise what a design will look like on the finished item. Some pictures just don’t work right with the product…

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Price Quote Forms, Get A Quote Forms, Get A Picture Framing Quote, Get An Engraving Quote, Get A Custom Built Trophies Quote, Get A Custom Engraved Signs/Labels Quote

New! Price Quote Forms

Introducing our price quote forms... Our price quote forms or ‘get a quote’ forms are the complete answer to the trials of taking details over the phone. We have created forms specially designed for picture framing, engraving and custom trophy requirements. The needs of our picture framing and engraving customers are quite different. Therefore we have created individual forms for each type of requirement. We’ve taken into account everything that our customers are likely to need so we have full details and can give an accurate quote. Our get a quote forms overcome language barriers... Today there are many different…

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Picture Framing Pricing

Picture Framing Pricing

Why being asked to give a ‘rough idea’ can be a custom picture framer’s pet hate… There are many factors that influence the cost of custom picture framing. Every job has different requirements. It is impossible to quote accurately by taking a stab in the dark. The result can be disastrous with under-pricing at the expense of the picture framer or over-pricing at the expense of the customer. Most picture framers like ourselves know that customers asking for a ‘rough idea’ are generally shopping around to get the cheapest price possible. We regard them as time wasters and will likely…

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Sports Championships, Sports Events

Sports Championships & Events

You might wonder why we put some articles on our blog about sports championships and events… Sports clubs and organisations make up the bulk of our customer database. They are always needing new trophies and engraving done regularly. These are the type of individuals who are most likely to be searching for information about these events. Therefore it makes sense to include this information on our website as these individuals are our prospective customers. If you know of any sporting events or championships that would make our blog more interesting please tell us about them. If you are the lucky…

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Bespoke Picture Framing, Bespoke Picture Framers, Custom Picture Framing, Custom Picture Framers

Bespoke Picture Framing

Bespoke or Custom Picture Framing… What do the terms mean? For those unfamiliar with the term, bespoke means to make to order according to an individual’s specifications. Therefore, bespoke picture framing is simply custom picture framing, in which case the picture is custom framed exactly to the requirements specified by the customer. Many people want to preserve their pictures, artwork and other treasures such as needlework. In many cases a frame the right size that will match your décor and do justice to the picture simply cannot be purchased ready-made. Therefore the best option is to have a professional bespoke…

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Murchison A & P Show, Trophy Engraving, Engraving Service, Trophies

Murchison A & P Show February 17 2018

After a bit of uncertainty the Murchison A & P Show is to run again this year... Late last year the organising committee didn’t have enough numbers and came close to cancelling the event which has been held yearly for 97 years. Fortunately some volunteers stepped forward to boost the numbers so that this historical yearly event can continue. The main annual A & P Show is to be on Saturday 17th February from 8:30am to 4pm. There is to be a large number of equestrian events so they will take place over two days. The Murchison A & P…

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Saxton Velodrome, Cycling Medals, Cycling Trophies

Saxton Velodrome

The Saxton Velodrome is to hold a Grand Opening on Tuesday 13th February 2018... The long awaited Saxton Velodrome located at Saxton Field, Stoke is nearing the completion of a multi million dollar project that began in 2015. The brand new facility for the Nelson region replaces the existing cycle track at Trafalgar Park. The official opening is to take place on 13th February for invited guests. A public opening is scheduled to take place later in February. The pubic opening will see schools and all the community involved. In order to cater for all skill levels, the velodrome is designed…

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