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What is a Commemorative Plaque?

Commemorative Plaque

Commemorative plaques aren’t just tombstones…

Generally when people think of a commemorative plaque they think of the memorial plaques we see on tombstones or park seats. They are made for outdoor use to withstand the elements. However, the plaques we are about to discuss in this article are much more meaningful and unique. 

Our commemorative plaques are colourful memories

The commemorative plaques we make are quite different to the traditional memorial plaques. They tell a story. Your favourite photos and text are combined to create a unique and stunning picture. In addition, we can also add decorative elements such as clipart.
View an example of what we can achieve by combining all these details.

Remembering our loved ones

We are all accustomed to having a memorial plaque on the graves of our loved ones. But why not remember them in a positive way? The best and most positive way to remember our loved ones is photos of them at their best. Don’t just store those memories in an album.

Remembering favourite pets

For many of us, pets are like family. Therefore, their loss leaves a big gap in our lives. A commemorative plaque helps their memory to live on. Remember them with a photographic story of those special moments you had with them.

Commemorating special events and milestones

It’s not only about remembering our loved ones that have died. We all have many happy and memorable events that we’d like to keep fresh in our minds. For example, birthdays, weddings, sports events and graduation ceremonies. A plaque with photos and details of those special events will make those memories come to life.

How do we make our commemorative plaques?

Firstly, we create the design using graphics software like CorelDRAW or Photoshop. Then we send a lifelike preview to our client to make sure they are happy. Once the design is approved we proceed to print the artwork onto the plaque using the dye sublimation process. This is a complex procedure which involves transferring the design onto the plaque using a heat-press. Read all about how the dye sublimation process works.

Ideas for what to write

There are many quote ideas that are too numerous to list. Check out  Wise Old Sayings or Brainyquote for ideas. These sites have something for every type of occasion.


A commemorative plaque can be something much more meaningful than just words on a tombstone or a park bench. They might not be made to withstand the elements. But they make lovely keepsakes to display indoors. Above all, a printed commemorative plaque preserves those memories in full colour. 

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