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Nickel Versus Silver Plating

Nickel Versus Silver Plating

Nickel versus silver plating – the difference

You might have noticed most of our trophy cups are nickel plated rather than silver plated. Quite likely you’re wondering which is the best choice. We’ve done some research ourselves that we’ll share with you in this article.

Nickel plated trophy cups are more robust

A nickel plated trophy cup does not tarnish like silver trophy cups. They are less susceptible to the effects of exposure to the air which causes dullness and discolouration. This means they require less cleaning and maintenance.

Silver plated trophy cups are a traditional choice

For many years silver plated cups have been the popular choice. People like to stick with tradition. It’s part of human nature.  In the past, manufacturers made trophy cups with a thicker silver coating which could withstand many polishes. However, today trophy cups are much cheaper which has led to some manufacturers taking shortcuts.  Many only have a thin layer of silver plating which is not immediately obvious. However, it will become obvious when the plating wears through with overpolishing with harsh products. This has led to nickel plated cups being more popular.

Do silver plated and nickel plated trophy cups look different?

As you can see from the picture – no they don’t. The trophy cup on the left is nickel plated, while the other cup is silver plated. However, these are new trophy cups. Over time they will look different. The silver plated trophy cup will become tarnished when it is exposed to moisture. But once it is polished with trusted cleaning methods it will be restored to it’s original shine. The nickel plated trophy cup won’t tarnish and can be easily wiped with a cloth. No need to worry about using silver polish.

How can I tell if the trophy cup is nickel or silver plated?

It will not be immediately obvious if your trophy cup is silver or nickel plated. However, over time the silver plated trophy cup will tarnish if exposed to moisture while the nickel plated trophy cup will stay nice and shiny. Normally when you buy a new trophy cup, the seller should be able to tell you if it is nickel or silver plated. We have put our silver plated trophy cups and nickel plated trophy cups in separate categories so that you can make an informed choice.

Conclusion – it all depends on personal preference

The decision to buy a nickel plated or silver plated trophy cup is entirely up to you. If you like the traditional silver trophy cup which has been the tradition for centuries then that is what you should buy. 
Nickel plated trophy cups will save you a lot of work when it comes to cleaning and polishing. They are also the best choice for damp environments that cause silver to tarnish quickly.

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