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Keychain or Keyring – is there a difference?

Keychain or Keyring, keychains and keyrings

The difference between a keychain or keyring.

Is there any difference between keychains and keyrings? Well… yes and no. In the case of the keyrings or keychains that we sell, we think it is best to refer to them as keyrings. A keychain or keyring is defined as a small chain that connects a small item to a keyring. However, our keyrings do not have a chain. They are attached with a ring only.

The ring on a keychain or keyring is the most important part…

Without the ring or split ring there is no way you can attach it to an item. The chain is just the part between the item and the ring. A split ring is designed so it can be pried apart to slide the key or tag onto the ring. This operation is a tricky one. We find it helps to slide a thin knife in between the overlap to hold it open while you slide the item onto the ring.

How keychains or keyrings are used

Obviously they are normally used to attach to keys. But they have many other uses. They make great promotional tools and personalised gifts.

Keychains or keyrings for promotional tools

Many businesses use them as a way to promote their business. They get their logo printed on them to give to their customers. Our keyrings that can have a full colour image on the front and engraving on the back are perfect for this. If the customer attaches the keyring or keychain to their keys, they are constantly reminded of the company. It’s a great way to promote your brand.

Keyrings or keychains make great personalised gifts

They are an inexpensive type of gift that most people can afford. Because of their small size they are easy to ship to friends and family. Our keyrings can be engraved with a name or personalised message that will make the recipient feel extra special.

Correct use of the two terms is important

When checking out our competition we discovered many marketed their keychains as keyrings or vice versa. In some cases they had chains and sometimes they didn’t. They need to put themselves in the customer’s shoes. If you were looking for a keychain you would expect it to have a chain attached wouldn’t you? They probably call them that because it is a more commonly used search term.

A keychain is a term used in technology

In the case of its application in technology, a keychain is the system used to manage passwords on Apple computers. Little wonder it is such a common search term! But people who are searching for something to attach to their keys aren’t interested in such things. In fact they probably have no idea that a keychain  is used for that purpose. Well, definitely not the type of keychain they are looking for! However, there is nothing that can be done about this confusion. A keyring with a chain is best identified as a keychain. Like many words in the English language, they can mean different things!


If you are wanting to buy the type of keychain that you can attach to your keys or use as a promotional tool or personalised gift, it is best to search for keyrings. But if you want to know about keychains in technology it would be best to search for keychains. Although keychains are a more commonly used search term we’ll stick with calling our personalised keyrings exactly that. We want to provide our clients with exactly what they’re looking for.

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