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Covid-19 Level 2 Plan

Covid-19 Level 2 Plan

Read Our Covid-19 Plan for Level 2

We are very pleased to have now moved to the level 2 stage of the fight against Covid-19. Although restrictions aren’t quite as strict as they have been, we still need to remain vigilant.

Here is an outline of how we plan to cater to the requirements for Level 2 while still providing a good customer experience.

In store visits

We still prefer to keep in store visits to a minimum. Our shop is not a wide open area which makes it difficult to maintain physical distancing requirements. It is best not to have customers in store for even a short period of time. All our products can be viewed online which makes it unnecessary to physically ‘browse’ in-store. We do not have a very big area of shop display space. Therefore many of our items are packaged and stored away in cupboards. You can still physically view a product that you have seen online. But please tell us before you come and we will have it out ready for your closer inspection.

Engraving services

There is generally no need for a face to face consultation. Simply attach details of the engraving required for each item. We always send previews of engraving before we proceed to make sure we get it right. But in the case of annual engraving of large quantities of trophies this would take too much time. We are depending on our customers to give the correct details. If something doesn’t look quite right we will check before we proceed. We can generally detect spelling mistakes. But it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they give the correct information

Picture Framing

We know most of our customers prefer to come in store to view our frame samples. But this can take quite a bit of time and there just isn’t the space to maintain physical distancing requirements. However, it is possible for us continue to frame your pictures without the need for in store consultations. Send us a photo of the picture you want us to frame. We can do mock-ups of your picture in frames and mat boards that are most suited to the picture.

Design previews

This is a service we have been providing free of charge for a long time. With our experience in photo editing, we can do mock-ups of your items with your own pictures and text. We send these to you before we proceed, often with options of different fonts for you to choose from. In the current environment where most of our customer interaction has to be done remotely, we feel this service has us well prepared for a time like this.

Payment methods

Payment must be made before you collect your items or they are dispatched. Our regular clients that have a history of paying their accounts on time can continue to make payment preferably within 7 days or on 20th of the month following invoice. Payment can be made by direct bank deposit or online credit card payment.

Our prompt personal service which we are known for will continue

We do enjoy providing personal service to our clients and will continue to do so to the best of our ability under the current restrictions. We will have a table at the door which will help us to maintain the physical distancing while we chat. As many of us are aware, it is only natural to unconsciously step closer to one another as we talk.

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