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Why Name Badges Are Important

Why name badges are important,

Why name badges are important for every occasion

The use of name badges plays an important part in every club or corporate organisation. There are many reasons why they are a necessity in our everyday lives. Not only are they important for the persons that wear them. They are also important to the people they meet that will want to remember their names.

Easily identify and remember people at events.

Being able to easily identify people is a necessity at events where you meet a lot of people. With so much happening around you, it is hard to remember the name of everyone you meet. There is nothing worse than having to ask someone’s name when you only met them a few minutes ago.

Name badges for clubs

Sports and recreation clubs are always getting new members. It can be hard to keep track of everyone. New members will feel included and welcomed when themselves and all other club members wear name badges.

Use name badges as a marketing tool

The use of name badges for formal introduction puts customers at ease. Many customers are hesitant about asking shop staff their names. They feel they might be regarded as being too personal. Many of us know the experience of wanting to speak with a certain staff member. We will need to know their name so that we can tell staff who we are looking for. That certain staff member might have given exceptional service. They are your marketing tool!

Name badges for accountability

When your staff members wear name badges it makes them feel they are part of the team. They feel responsible to promote a good impression of the company. It makes them more aware of the way their conduct is seen by the general public. No staff member wants to let the rest of the team down with poor performance.


Whether you are a club member, team member, shop assistant or attending an event, wearing a name badge is a necessity. We have a wide range of styles of name badges. Whether it be an engraved name badge, or a name badge with your logo printed in colour we are here to help. We even have a custom designer tool for you to create your own badge online. You can buy name badges online from our webstore. If you have a large number of name badges required, talk to us about our bulk order discounts.

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