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Sports Championships & Events

Sports Championships, Sports Events

You might wonder why we put some articles on our blog about sports championships and events…

Sports clubs and organisations make up the bulk of our customer database. They are always needing new trophies and engraving done regularly. These are the type of individuals who are most likely to be searching for information about these events. Therefore it makes sense to include this information on our website as these individuals are our prospective customers.

If you know of any sporting events or championships that would make our blog more interesting please tell us about them. If you are the lucky winner at one of these events we’ll not only do the engraving for you. We’ll let you write a story about it and put it on our blog! This all helps to keep it interesting so people will keep coming back to see if there’s something new to read about.

Complimentary club discounts

Sports clubs and organisations are very important to our business. Therefore they automatically qualify for a 15% discount on all trophy engraving requirements.

There are often new club members or competitors from out of town at these events. Name badges make things much easier and save the embarrassment of asking a person what their name is. Especially if you’ve met them before but can’t remember their name!

Medals and name badges are often required in big numbers. To help clubs reduce costs we provide discounts on bulk orders depending on quantity.

Personalised club trophies and gifts

We also provide a complimentary dye sublimation service which means that we can print club and team logos and photos in full colour on name badges, coffee mugs, trophies and awards. Our insert holder trophies and insert medals can all have club logos and photos printed in full colour.

The product range on our website includes an extensive variety of figurines for almost every sporting activity imaginable. Our insert holder figurines can have custom printed images provided by the customer.

Luggage tags and drinkware for the travellers

For those travelling to these important events we also have luggage tags and personalised drinkware to make life easier. There’s nothing like losing your luggage to put a damper on the enjoyment of these events. Our luggage tags provide easy identification and will make your bag stand out from the crowd. Our personalised travel mugs and drink bottles will also come in handy at these events.