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Keychain Or Keyring, Keychains And Keyrings

Keychain or Keyring – is there a difference?

The difference between a keychain or keyring. Is there any difference between keychains and keyrings? Well... yes and no. In the case of the keyrings or keychains that we sell, we think it is best to refer to them as keyrings. A keychain or keyring is defined as a small chain that connects a small item to a keyring. However, our keyrings do not have a chain. They are attached with a ring only. The ring on a keychain or keyring is the most important part... Without the ring or split ring there is no way you can attach it to an…

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas, Mother's Day Gifts, Personalised Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Spoil them on Sunday 13th May 2018 with our unique mother's day gift ideas. With Mother’s day just around the corner it is time to start thinking about mother's day gift ideas. Mother's Day is all about showing our appreciation for those special women in our lives that help shape our futures. Whether it be your own mother, step mother, mother-in-law, grandmother or someone you regard as your ’extra mum', they all deserve special recognition. Show her how much she means to you with a personalised gift. Our personalised mother’s day gifts are the perfect way to express your appreciation…

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