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Nickel Versus Silver Plating

Nickel Versus Silver Plating

Nickel versus silver plating - the difference You might have noticed most of our trophy cups are nickel plated rather than silver plated. Quite likely you're wondering which is the best choice. We've done some research ourselves that we'll share with you in this article. Nickel plated trophy cups are more robust A nickel plated trophy cup does not tarnish like silver trophy cups. They are less susceptible to the effects of exposure to the air which causes dullness and discolouration. This means they require less cleaning and maintenance. Silver plated trophy cups are a traditional choice For many years silver…

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Can Silver Plating Wear Off

Can Silver Plating Wear Off?

Can silver plating wear off? Yes silver plating can wear off. Some people will have had the experience of seeing silverware that has worn through. Others might not even realise it’s possible. Or else they don’t realise that the brassy colour showing through is the metal that was once covered by the silver plating. Why does silver plating wear off? Because trophy engraving is our main line of work, we see a wide range of silver trophy cups in various conditions. Some are only a few years old and the silver has worn through. We also see trophy cups that…

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How To Clean Trophy Cups, Trophy Cup Cleaning

How To Clean Trophy Cups

How to clean trophy cups. Many of our customers have asked us how to clean trophy cups. It may seem a silly question but using the proper cleaning methods is extremely important. Sadly some have been over polished with harsh formulas and the silver coating has worn off. Therefore we’ve done some research so that we can help you care for your trophy cups using the right methods and products. Why does silver become tarnished? Humid conditions and exposure to the air for long periods it will cause silver to tarnish quickly. We keep our trophy cups packaged in tissue…

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