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Keychain or Keyring, keychains and keyrings

Keychain or Keyring – is there a difference?

The difference between a keychain or keyring. Is there any difference between keychains and keyrings? Well... yes and no. In the case of the keyrings or keychains that we sell, we think it is best to refer to them as keyrings. A keychain or keyring is defined as a small chain that connects a small item to a keyring. However, our keyrings do not have a chain. They are attached with a ring only. The ring on a keychain or keyring is the most important part... Without the ring or split ring there is no way you can attach it to an…

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Engraved Garden Plant Markers

Garden Plant Markers

Garden plant markers are a must have for keeping track of your plants. Our engraved garden plant markers are made of durable UV resistant plastic and will stand the test of all weathers. They won’t crack like those cheap plastic markers and the names will stay there forever. It is very frustrating to discover that the vivid marker you used has worn faded or worn away. All you have left is a blank stick. Garden Plant markers for vegetable gardens. Many gardeners know the frustration of trying to remember which seeds they planted where. Once those seeds are planted it…

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Price Quote Forms, Get a Quote Forms, get a picture framing quote, Get An Engraving Quote Form, Get a Custom Built Trophies Quote,Custom Engraved Signs/Labels Quote Form, Engraving Quote Form

New! Price Quote Forms

Introducing our price quote forms... Our price quote forms or ‘get a quote’ forms are the complete answer to the trials of taking details over the phone. We have created forms specially designed for picture framing, engraving and custom trophy requirements. The needs of our picture framing and engraving customers are quite different. Therefore we have created individual forms for each type of requirement. We’ve taken into account everything that our customers are likely to need so we have full details and can give an accurate quote. Our get a quote forms overcome language barriers... Today there are many different…

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Sports Championships, Sports Events

Sports Championships & Events

You might wonder why we put some articles on our blog about sports championships and events… Sports clubs and organisations make up the bulk of our customer database. They are always needing new trophies and engraving done regularly. These are the type of individuals who are most likely to be searching for information about these events. Therefore it makes sense to include this information on our website as these individuals are our prospective customers. If you know of any sporting events or championships that would make our blog more interesting please tell us about them. If you are the lucky…

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