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New! Price Quote Forms

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Introducing our price quote forms…

Our price quote forms or ‘get a quote’ forms are the complete answer to the trials of taking details over the phone.
We have created forms specially designed for picture framing, engraving and custom trophy requirements.
The needs of our picture framing and engraving customers are quite different. Therefore we have created individual forms for each type of requirement.
We’ve taken into account everything that our customers are likely to need so we have full details and can give an accurate quote.

Our get a quote forms overcome language barriers…

Today there are many different cultures and sometimes it is hard to understand what our customers are saying and vice versa. Although we may not have a hearing problem, sometimes things don’t come across clearly.
Not only does this lead to getting details wrong, but it is highly stressful for both our customers and ourselves.

Every detail is accounted for…

We can also miss some critical detail and will need to phone our customers back for more information. Even worse, that critical information we missed could be their contact details! Taking details under stressful situations such as language barriers and distractions leads to such errors. We get too involved trying to focus on our customer’s needs and forget to take their details.

So we have finally come up with this wonderful solution to these difficulties…

You can enter all your details from the comfort of your armchair. We can then sit down and quote accurately without any stressful distractions. Then we will double check every detail to make sure we get everything right. We will then email the itemised quote to you to go over and make your decision when it is convenient. We won’t annoy you with a phone call unless that is what you request. Most of us know the frustration of trying to find a pen to write it down while talking on the phone.

We still love to talk to our customers…

Don’t get us wrong. It’s not that we don’t like to talk to our customers. But it is much easier to relax and give friendly personal service once these important details are all accounted for by filling in our price quote forms.

Click here for our engraving get a quote form

Click here for our picture framing get a quote form

Click here for our custom built trophies get a quote form

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