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Keychain or Keyring – is there a difference?

Keychain or Keyring, keychains and keyrings

The difference between a keychain or keyring.

Is there any difference between keychains and keyrings? Well… yes and no. In the case of the keyrings or keychains that we sell, we think it is best to refer to them as keyrings. A keychain or keyring is defined as a small chain that connects a small item to a keyring. However, our keyrings do not have a chain. They are attached with a ring only.

The ring on a keychain or keyring is the most important part…

Without the ring or split ring there is no way you can attach it to an item. The chain is just the part between the item and the ring. A split ring is designed so it can be pried apart to slide the key or tag onto the ring. This operation is a tricky one. We find it helps to slide a thin knife in between the overlap to hold it open while you slide the item onto the ring.

How keychains or keyrings are used

Obviously they are normally used to attach to keys. But they have many other uses. They make great promotional tools and personalised gifts.

Keychains or keyrings for promotional tools

Many businesses use them as a way to promote their business. They get their logo printed on them to give to their customers. Our keyrings that can have a full colour image on the front and engraving on the back are perfect for this. If the customer attaches the keyring or keychain to their keys, they are constantly reminded of the company. It’s a great way to promote your brand.

Keyrings or keychains make great personalised gifts

They are an inexpensive type of gift that most people can afford. Because of their small size they are easy to ship to friends and family. Our keyrings can be engraved with a name or personalised message that will make the recipient feel extra special.

Correct use of the two terms is important

When checking out our competition we discovered many marketed their keychains as keyrings or vice versa. In some cases they had chains and sometimes they didn’t. They need to put themselves in the customer’s shoes. If you were looking for a keychain you would expect it to have a chain attached wouldn’t you? They probably call them that because it is a more commonly used search term.

A keychain is a term used in technology

In the case of its application in technology, a keychain is the system used to manage passwords on Apple computers. Little wonder it is such a common search term! But people who are searching for something to attach to their keys aren’t interested in such things. In fact they probably have no idea that a keychain  is used for that purpose. Well, definitely not the type of keychain they are looking for! However, there is nothing that can be done about this confusion. A keyring with a chain is best identified as a keychain. Like many words in the English language, they can mean different things!


If you are wanting to buy the type of keychain that you can attach to your keys or use as a promotional tool or personalised gift, it is best to search for keyrings. But if you want to know about keychains in technology it would be best to search for keychains. Although keychains are a more commonly used search term we’ll stick with calling our personalised keyrings exactly that. We want to provide our clients with exactly what they’re looking for.

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Garden Plant Markers

Engraved Garden Plant Markers

Garden plant markers are a must have for keeping track of your plants.

Our engraved garden plant markers are made of durable UV resistant plastic and will stand the test of all weathers. They won’t crack like those cheap plastic markers and the names will stay there forever. It is very frustrating to discover that the vivid marker you used has worn faded or worn away. All you have left is a blank stick.

Garden Plant markers for vegetable gardens.

Many gardeners know the frustration of trying to remember which seeds they planted where. Once those seeds are planted it is impossible to even find them because they are so small. The only way to find out is to wait until they grow and can be identified. Plant identification markers are not only useful for the gardener themselves. Some of us rely on others to harvest our produce. Therefore, these people they will need to know where they are planted.

Help family members and friends identify your herbs.

There are many different kinds of herbs in people’s gardens and not everyone is familiar with them by name. You might be busy cooking and tell a family member to go and pick some rosemary. They have no idea what rosemary looks like and will probably bring you some basil. As a result you decide to not trouble them any further and go and pick it yourself! You don’t want these frustrations when you are in the middle of cooking a delicious meal.

Identify Spring Bulbs with labeled markers.

Those lovely spring flowers only show themselves once a year. The rest of the time they lie dormant underground. You don’t want to be digging them up by mistake when you’re weeding the rest of your garden. If you sell your property or rent it out the new residents might want to replant their garden. If the new owners love spring bulbs they will want to know where they are planted. Make it easy for them with engraved garden plant markers.

Enhance your rose gardens with named markers.

There are many rose varieties out there with exciting names. Therefore, it is important to make sure you do those lovely roses justice by having their names displayed. Using plant markers with the names engraved are a stylish way to identify rose varieties. Add interest to your garden with some engraved plant markers with the names in fancy and decorative fonts.

Plant identification is important to commercial growers

Farmers, market gardeners and plant nurseries all know the importance of plant identification. Furthermore, many have quite a number of employees working for them and are often getting new staff members. These workers will all need to know the names of the plants and where to find them.

Your hard work pays off when you utilise plant identification.

You’ve put a lot of hard work into planning, planting and nurturing your garden. Don’t let all your hard work be ruined by getting things mixed up. Most importantly, you need to have your plants easily identified so the weed trimmer guy or contract gardener doesn’t ruin them.[vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator color=”mulled_wine” style=”shadow” border_width=”8″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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New! Price Quote Forms

Price Quote Forms, Get a Quote Forms, get a picture framing quote, Get An Engraving Quote Form, Get a Custom Built Trophies Quote,Custom Engraved Signs/Labels Quote Form, Engraving Quote Form

Introducing our price quote forms…

Our price quote forms or ‘get a quote’ forms are the complete answer to the trials of taking details over the phone.
We have created forms specially designed for picture framing, engraving and custom trophy requirements.
The needs of our picture framing and engraving customers are quite different. Therefore we have created individual forms for each type of requirement.
We’ve taken into account everything that our customers are likely to need so we have full details and can give an accurate quote.

Our get a quote forms overcome language barriers…

Today there are many different cultures and sometimes it is hard to understand what our customers are saying and vice versa. Although we may not have a hearing problem, sometimes things don’t come across clearly.
Not only does this lead to getting details wrong, but it is highly stressful for both our customers and ourselves.

Every detail is accounted for…

We can also miss some critical detail and will need to phone our customers back for more information. Even worse, that critical information we missed could be their contact details! Taking details under stressful situations such as language barriers and distractions leads to such errors. We get too involved trying to focus on our customer’s needs and forget to take their details.

So we have finally come up with this wonderful solution to these difficulties…

You can enter all your details from the comfort of your armchair. We can then sit down and quote accurately without any stressful distractions. Then we will double check every detail to make sure we get everything right. We will then email the itemised quote to you to go over and make your decision when it is convenient. We won’t annoy you with a phone call unless that is what you request. Most of us know the frustration of trying to find a pen to write it down while talking on the phone.

We still love to talk to our customers…

Don’t get us wrong. It’s not that we don’t like to talk to our customers. But it is much easier to relax and give friendly personal service once these important details are all accounted for by filling in our price quote forms.

Click here for our engraving get a quote form

Click here for our picture framing get a quote form

Click here for our custom built trophies get a quote form

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Sports Championships & Events

Sports Championships, Sports Events

You might wonder why we put some articles on our blog about sports championships and events…

Sports clubs and organisations make up the bulk of our customer database. They are always needing new trophies and engraving done regularly. These are the type of individuals who are most likely to be searching for information about these events. Therefore it makes sense to include this information on our website as these individuals are our prospective customers.

If you know of any sporting events or championships that would make our blog more interesting please tell us about them. If you are the lucky winner at one of these events we’ll not only do the engraving for you. We’ll let you write a story about it and put it on our blog! This all helps to keep it interesting so people will keep coming back to see if there’s something new to read about.

Complimentary club discounts

Sports clubs and organisations are very important to our business. Therefore they automatically qualify for a 15% discount on all trophy engraving requirements.

There are often new club members or competitors from out of town at these events. Name badges make things much easier and save the embarrassment of asking a person what their name is. Especially if you’ve met them before but can’t remember their name!

Medals and name badges are often required in big numbers. To help clubs reduce costs we provide discounts on bulk orders depending on quantity.

Personalised club trophies and gifts

We also provide a complimentary dye sublimation service which means that we can print club and team logos and photos in full colour on name badges, coffee mugs, trophies and awards. Our insert holder trophies and insert medals can all have club logos and photos printed in full colour.

The product range on our website includes an extensive variety of figurines for almost every sporting activity imaginable. Our insert holder figurines can have custom printed images provided by the customer.

Luggage tags and drinkware for the travellers

For those travelling to these important events we also have luggage tags and personalised drinkware to make life easier. There’s nothing like losing your luggage to put a damper on the enjoyment of these events. Our luggage tags provide easy identification and will make your bag stand out from the crowd. Our personalised travel mugs and drink bottles will also come in handy at these events.